Run for the Hills… but don’t wear PUMAs.

You know what’s hard? Coming up with a visual metaphor by which women are literally forced to undress at the whims of an institution controlled by rich white men for the entertainment of others/to sell a lame product. Just kidding, that’s pretty easy.

And Droga5 did just that for its PUMA campaign! See how funny it is to use women (and a token man who is for some reason only being pushed for a gay audience in this ad) as objects to represent the narrative that they are objects?

Sarcasm aside, I’m sure some planner and creative team thought this was a really cool, timely and interactive way to reach the audience. It might have been a good idea to use natural fluctuations to relate to relate to a product and a matching app, but it wasn’t a good idea to objectify women in the process. I’m okay with the skin-showing aspects – I mean we are talking about underwear here – but disempowering women and a lone framed-as-gay man is unnecessary and a huge turn off for me from the brand and the agency*.


foe badge


**Droga5 has put out some more acceptable ads, such as This is Wholesome for Honey Maid, and I have not evaluated their complete body of work as an agency.

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